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How to walk in Moscow: guide to best places of the city

Do not know where to go walk at the weekend with friends, loved ones or children? Read our review of the most interesting and lovely places of the capital.


Central District

Pushkinskaya Quayand St. Andrew's Quay - a nice place. You can walk safely along the Moscow River from the Sparrow Hills and am up to the Frunze bridge. Or vice versa. It takes about an hour. If you climb up the stairs at St. Andrew's Bridge, offers a good view of the city and the construction site at the bottom.

Dull garden(m. Leninsky Prospekt) - is parallel to Pushkin's waterfront. Paths are not always perfect, but still there can be a good walk, especially in dry warm weather. The garden has some cozy field (one of them in the arbor), and old houses - a library on the hill, followed by a cool little shops open views of the city and river. Incidentally, it was in the garden is Neskuchnii studio program «What?» «Where?» «When?».

Yakimanka - an area of old Moscow. Its main attractions are located along the Moscow River: Sculpture Park, Gorky Park, Neskuchniy garden Marsh area, Frunze bridge embankments. Also worth mentioning is the Tretyakov Gallery, located in the area.

Central House of Artists (CHA) is located near the Crimean bridge, not far from metro Oktyabrskaya. Opposite him is Gorky Park, and nearby is a sculpture park.

In Tagansky district a lot of small attractions. Arhitektrura most diverse district. Starting from the preserved old houses and ending with new skyscrapers. Interesting places to walk yards. Street School- Arbat in miniature. Pedestrian street of old houses with huge granary doors. Only here do not have heaps of stalls with all kinds of rubbish and stray musicians.

Novospassky Monastery, located in the Tagansky district, recalls the Trinity-Sergius Lavrain miniature. A similar architecture of the churches, the same tower. Next to the monastery of the embankment is Krasnokholmsky Novospassky pond and small park. In the monastery entrance is free. In its territory, too, something like a park.

The main attraction of the area Zamoskoreche - all kinds of embankments, bridges and a variety of bridges. Also worth mentioning is located in the Moscow International Music House, an interesting complex of buildings in the style of hi-tech.

In the area Khamovniki are several small parks (park at the M. Frunze, Square Virgin field), the Novodevichy monasterywith a large pond near it. It is also quite pleasant Savvinskaya Quay, which offers an interesting look at a plant on the other side of the Moscow river and several bridges.

Northern District

North River Terminal(m. Rechnoy Vokzal) - Northern river port. On the pier and on the opposite side of the Moscow River, where the open river navigation, are always a lot of ships. Boat, pleasure boats, cargo ships and stuff. You can spend your time strolling along the promenade and the park stretches along it. Or a ride on one of pleasure craft.

Near Nordic inland port is located Friendship Park. At Friendship Park is a few of their distinctive features. First - an interesting system of ponds. In fact - one branched pond, through which to throw a lot of bridges. The second - a bunch of different sculptures. Some of them, though not in very good condition. Near the Park of Friendship are Golovinskoe ponds.

Golovinsky ponds (m. Vodny Stadion) is a three ponds: Big Golovinsky pond, small pond and Upper Golovinsky Golovinsky pond. The shores of the first domesticated, even have an asphalt embankment, place around the two other more overgrown. Around the pond there is a park zone. You can walk there and walk to the Northern River Station, which is not far. Or vice versa.

Northeastern District

Botanical Garden(m. Botanichesky Sad, m. Vladykino, m. VDNKh) - a nice park where you can see different species of plants and trees. From the sights - the Japanese garden on nearby railroad bridge, hothouse, where cultivated plants, a series of ponds near m. Vladykino and close to the Ostankino park. The park can be reached as follows: m. Botanichesky Sad through the birch grove; from m. Vladykino through the official entrance or opening in the fence (located behind Vladykinskim cemetery) in the summer time, when money for the tickets taken; from m. VDNKh pass through the Soviet Era; from the Ostankino park through a gap in the fence on the bridge across the big pond. You can also look at the Ostankino park nearby. There is, and the estate.

Eastern District

Lilac Garden(m. Shcholkovskaya, Cherkizovskaya) was established in 1975 based on the nursery pledged Russian breeder lilac Kolesnikov, Leonid, a driver of Marshal Zhukov, in 1954. The initial number of varieties 52. Especially beautiful is there in late May - early June, when the lilacs bloom. While in other seasons there, too beautiful. Many flower arrangements.

Kuskovo- a park with a manor, situated on the banks of the picturesque Palace of a pond. The nature of this park and not a cultural or forest zone. Rather, something in between. Access to the manor, unfortunately, paid.

Black Lake and White Lake (m Vykhino.) - It is in the same area as the Kuskovo, but for the Moscow Ring Road (in the area there are 2 ground and 1 underground passage through the Moscow Ring Road). On the shore of White Lake is a church which is beautifully illuminated at night.

Izmailovo Park- an interesting green array. It is divided into the cultural part of a round pond and attractions, a pleasant forest park zone with lots of ponds and marsh in the middle, and a separate park in Moscow Ring Road. Especially in the Izmailovo park is beautiful in autumn.

Юго-восточный округ

Lublin Park (m. Volzhskaya) small but very nice. The main attraction - Lublin pond. There is a boat station and fragments of the estate. Nearby Kuzminskii park.

Kuzminskii Park(m. Volzhskaya, Lyublino, Kuzminki) - a pretty big park. It is divided into several parts. If you go out with Kuzminki, then get in his cultural part. If you go deep into the park to the east of the m. Volzhskaya, then come to the ponds.

Lefortovo(m. Aviamotornaya, Baumanskaya, Semenovskaya) - a small but cozy park with several ponds. Especially beautiful panoramas along the river Yauza.

Valley lines. This route is for those who like to walk poekstremalnee. Valley power lines, located near the Stavropol street near the cemetery in the area of Lyublino. Towers and transmission lines from power plants are supplying energy to Moscow and some regions of Moscow region. The walk is best to start, climbing on any of the two pipes, which runs through the valley. Impressions from a walk otsanutsya unforgettable. However, no physical training, it is hardly possible. Since kk in Stavropol street there is a staircase-bridge on the tube, but in the end just off the upper field no stairs anymore. We must get off themselves.

Southern District

Kolomenskoye. In the park you can select multiple locations. The first - a beautiful long promenade. The second - a small park with the sights at the entrance of the m. Kolomenskaja. You can find churches, ancient oaks, ponds, stream-source. The third - the apple orchards and just park, located behind the architectural park, close to metro Kashirskoye and occupy somewhere two thirds of the territory. The ships make river cruises for those who wish. Industrial fans can look at the end of the embankment near the railway bridge, quite a colorful plant. You can also go to another quay (wharf street Kolomenskaja), overlooking the area of printers and embankment on the left, where often cargo ships.

Walking along the banks of a huge pond called Borisovskimim pondscan be a good time. Pond is divided into two parts Borisov lower bridge. On the shores around the pond between Borisov lower bridge and Brateevo are many sandy beaches. In another part of the pond between the lower and Borisov Borisov upper bridge is an interesting dam separating the pond from the bottom Tsaritsynsky Borisov. In general, Borisov ponds - the place is very beautiful. The downside is that there is absolutely no benches. Better to go from m. Marino through Brateyevsky bridge. Then turn right. Next would be a small beautiful park with a pond between the streets Borisov ponds and Gorodyanka. If you walk in the park next to Borisov ponds, you'll see a small waterfall. And leave you to Borisov ponds at the point where the pier used to be: out of the pool stick stone structures.

Park Tsaritsyno(m. Tsaritsyno or Orekhovo) Is divided into 3 areas. The first - a cultural park with a manor, a pond and arhitekturnyi monuments. Manor in quite destroyed, although it is now being restored. The park itself is very interesting, many paths. The second part - Biryulevsky park. Attraction - pipeline, which stretches across the park along the Moscow Ring Road. The third section - Biryulevsky arboretum. Quite a neat little park. Closer to Biryulyovo. If from m. Tsaritsyno go, he will be right on Biryulevskogo park in Lipetsk streets.

Юго-западный округ

Bitsevsky Park(m. Bitsevsky Park) - nice big park. The territory can be compared with Tights island, only Bitsevsky Park more well-groomed and diverse. You can find all sorts of living creatures (squirrels, ducks and even rabbits). Most Bitsevsky park is located within the Moscow Ring Road, but somewhere one-third of the Moscow Ring Road. The park has 3 estates: Yasenevo, Uzkoye, Znamenskoye. But they are closed to the public. At the intersection of streets and street Golubinskaya Paustovski located ponds.

Troparevo - great park (m. Teply Stan). It has a large and bustling main avenue with a mini race track and BBQ, ending the concert platform with a mini pond.

Western District

Disposition Gagarin district and district Ramenki where the Sparrow Hills, walking is not too successful. Since there are many enclosed arrays. But right and left of the building of Moscow State Universityis a small park with a pond. And in front of the University of the Moscow River is a platform with the busts of celebrities and benches. Nearby is an observation deck overlooking the Luzhniki Stadium. You can walk down by the Moscow River. Or to pass along the waterfront to the Frunze bridge, near which is located Neskuchniy garden. Or go the other way, to Krasnokoluzhskomu bridge. But the first option is more interesting.

Poklonnaya Hill- a huge outdoor area, as well as a small park. Convenient place for roller skating. Landmarks: Arc de Triomphe, the complex of buildings in the center, an old steam locomotive and some of what military equipment (guns, vehicles), fountains before the stele, which are beautifully lit at night. And yet, as a symbol of peaceful co-existence of religions - the church, a mosque and a synagogue.

Filevsky park and Suvorov park- two of the park is actually a large park, for some reason divided into two on the map. Walk there pleasant. The main attraction - a long promenade along the Moscow River to the crest of the channel. The park and promenade - a rather quiet place on weekdays. Near Subway Pionerskaja of Suvorov park has a big pretty nice Pioneer Pond. Also in the Suvorov Military Park is a small pond.

With Krylatsky hills with beautiful views overlooking the Moskva River and located next door, a Rowing Canal, where you can during the warmer months to see the training of rowers, if you go in the morning when the sun does not bake much, or in cloudy weather. Can also be there and walk. True, the terrain is hilly, so if you walk, it's better in the lowlands.

Northwestern District

Silver Bor(m. Polezhaevskaya, Oktyabrskoye Pole) - forest park with beaches and interesting system of ponds with lots of bridges. Some beaches are paid, but only in summer, when it is hot and crowded. In the autumn you can walk everywhere for free. A little less - is pretty far from the subway. If you walk from the subway Polezhaevskaya or Oktyabrskoye Pole, then at least half an hour. But they go trolleys and buses. In the summer, especially on weekends, the beach is almost completely covered with the bodies (in shorts and no panties (there is a nudist beach).

Shchukin peninsula, another name - Stroginsky bucket, - Peninsula have Stroginskaya bridge. On the contrary Shchukino located on the waterfront, sandy beach. Further, opposite the Silver Boron also has a beach. Once it is clear he was paid, and now abandoned. Old abandoned buildings, rusted iron umbrellas. A word of advice. If you go down the path and see that began thicket, do not climb further, hoping to find again the path. Get lost in a jiffy.

Pokrovskoye-Glebovo- a nice park. On its eastern border (along the railroad) is a series of ponds on the shores of which are planted evergreen trees. Forest Park pretty well maintained. There are many different paths, there are wide avenues.Near the river Khimki in the north-western border of the forest park is often possible to observe all the people with canisters to the spring source. Also near Khimki is a ravine with a fairly steep hills.

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